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Jarom Adair

By Jarom Adair,
Head Solopreneur

Posting on Social Sites–the complete walk-through

This is a step-by-step, drop-dead simple walk through of how I’ve driven tens of thousands of visitors to my website created specifically for beginning bloggers and business owners who want traffic and leads today.

Experienced bloggers who want to give their existing blogs posts more exposure while generating more traffic will also benefit.

I use LinkedIn in the video below, but this strategy can be used for any social site where you are allowed to post information to a group.

This also helps you gain experience and feedback if you are developing your expert status in your industry, so I highly recommend this as your first stop in establishing your brand and building an audience.


What I hope you got out of this…

What I really like about this is how sustainable it is. Unlike most traffic-driving strategies, the effectiveness of which will diminish the more it is used, the more people who follow these steps on LinkedIn the more valuable and well-attended each LinkedIn group would be.

Thanks for watching!

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