Just So You Know

I'm not an owner or a partner in any of the companies reviewed on this site. However, some of the links on this site are affiliate links and I do get a commission if you purchase a product using these links.

Here's how to bypass my affiliate links for anybody who would like to.

Jarom Adair

How to Bypass My Affiliate Links

There are links on this web site that, if you click them to buy a service or product I recommend, I will get an affiliate commission for it. This means that, instead of the company getting all the money you spend on them, they’ll share a little bit of that with me. You’ll pay the same amount, but I’ll get credit for referring you.

This really bothers some people, for some reason, and they’d rather not give the referrer any credit for referring them.

What to do

If this is how you feel, here’s what you do: instead of clicking on the link on this site that will take you to another site (because that would link you to me as the person who referred you), simply open up a new browser window and type in the name of the company in Google or some other search engine. One of the first sites to pop up will be the company web site and you can then buy directly from them.

The point I’m getting at

The reason I bring this up at all is because I’ve met people who have this irrational aversion to affiliate links, where if they know that a link is an affiliate link they don’t want to click it and they don’t that person to get the referral credit. I don’t understand this way of thinking, because if someone refers me to a service that I like, I will actually ask them if they have an affiliate link so I can purchase the product through them because I appreciate the person for introducing me and I want them to get credit for it.

The actual point I’m getting at

So in actuality this page is really just a thinly veiled effort to help these people (many of whom are affiliates themselves!) understand that there is nothing wrong with clicking on an affiliate link and giving that person credit for referring you.

So go ahead–click directly on the link to go to the service I recommend. It won’t cost you anything more (sometimes it will actually cost you less), and it will actually encourage me to find the best products and services the internet offers and bring them to you so you can benefit from them as well.