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Jarom Adair

"Web Site Tune-Up" Tutorials

1) Web Site Tune-Up Intro

If the three most important things about opening a restaurant is “location, location, location…” then the three most important things in marketing is “testing, testing, and testing”.

3 Awesome Persuasion Tactics using Testimonials

We basically ignore testimonials. You know what I’m saying? Seriously–when I see a testimonial, I either assume I’m not getting the whole story because it sounds unbelievable: “I was living under a bridge when I bought the “Million-In-A-Month” online money making course, and the next month I made a million dollars!” Unbelievable, right? Or it’s [...]

5 Ways to Turn Traffic into Paying Customers

Few things are more frustrating than to spend a lot of time and effort bringing people to your site, only to have them leave again without taking the actions you want them to (join your email list/leave their contact info/buy something/etc…). If you’re not sure what the problem is, here is a list of common [...]

How to make your website more effective

Ever feel you website just isn’t converting as well as it should be? It’s not building your email list fast enough? Not bringing in enough money? People are visiting your site, and then just leaving? And you don’t know why? Here’s the easiest way to figure out what’s gone wrong… It’s time to play the [...]

How to Triple the Effectiveness of Your Web Site

Tripling the effectiveness of your website is all about knowing how well your site is working, and then coming up with ideas to improve each part. So what’s happening on your site? How many visitors do you have? How did they find your site? And where are they located? And what do they do on [...]

How to Triple the Effectiveness of Your Website Part 1

Web site optimization is achieved through monitoring core statistical values to up your conversion metrics. Huh? What does THAT mean?? Nobody has time to decipher the “geek” language, but that’s usually what you have to deal with when you’re learning how to monitor and improve your web site. That’s often what happens when you’re trying [...]

How to Turn Nibbles into Bites

So you’d like to get more of your visitors to take action (join your email list/leave their contact info/buy something/etc…) but you’re not sure how to do it. Here is a list of common things to look at when you’re working on improving the performance of your web site:

How to use Facebook (or LinkedIn) to fine-tune your sales process

Social networking sites are not only a great way to drum up new business, but they’re a great way to find out how to get more people to buy what you offer. Watch how you can use Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sites to zero in on your target market’s needs. How it works If [...]

Landing Pages: How to Boost Your Conversion Rates

If you have several different products, but only one web site to sell them with, there is a lot of potential for improvement. Even if you only have a single product or service, there are probably many different groups of people who buy from you for many different reasons. Here’s what to do about that…

Make more money by having your website do the dirty work

If you do things right, a web site can do all the dirty work for you and your business. Your website can do all the telling, selling, explaining, and demonstrating for you. And what’s left over for you to do at that point? Why, exactly what you want to be doing of course… Building a [...]

Sure-Fire Site Improvement with Split Testing

There comes a time in every web site owner’s life where you’d like to improve the productivity of your web site. You have the feeling that if you changed a few things around, your site might do better, but how do you know if your changes made a difference? How to know if a change [...]

The 5 seconds that will make or break your business

“Over 70% of the people who come to my site just leave again!” cried Larry at a recent gathering of business owners. “7 out of 10 people just show up and then leave without doing anything!” It’s called a “bounce rate”, and it’s like you’ve just produced a full-length blockbuster movie, but then you watch [...]

Tips for an effective home page

You know that sick feeling you get when you’ve worked so hard to build a web site and then labored to get traffic to it…only to have nothing happen? You know what I’m talking about? You know people are visiting your site, but they’re not doing anything you want them to: they’re not joining your [...]

Tune-Up Checklist

Here is a checklist of common issues, problems, ideas, and improvements that are often overlooked.

Tune-Up Checklist: Common Web Site Problems

You want your web site it top shape at all times, but if something is a bit off you’re going to be losing money. Here is a checklist of common issues, problems, ideas, and improvements that are often overlooked. Granted, some of these mistakes are drop-dead obvious but… That hasn’t stopped people from making these [...]

Web Analytics: Tracking Where Your Visitors are Coming From

If you’re like most of the American population, the term “Web Analytics” sounds about as interesting as a lengthy discussion on the National Debt. I doubt anyone can turn the National Debt into an interesting article, but Web Analytics is actually a very fascinating topic if you can get past the name.

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