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"Social Marketing" Tutorials

1) Social Marketing Intro

As the internet evolves, many new web sites have emerged that allow people to communicate and interact in ways that weren’t available just a couple years ago. Sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, and more can help you reach new audiences and more customers than you ever could before.

3) Social Marketing Tour: The Latest and Greatest Social Marketing Sites

Now that you’ve had a look at Facebook in the Social Marketing Basics video, here’s a list of some of the most popular social networking sites and how they work.

5 Critical Reasons You Shouldn’t Start A Facebook Business Page

I coach hundreds of business owners on internet marketing topics, and after most of them failed to get an ROI on their Facebook pages I sat down to figure out why. For the record, I do not recommend you spend any significant time right now building up a list of people who like your business [...]

7 different ways to drive traffic to your site from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to drive traffic to your website. I usually have 10,000 to 20,000 visitors a month, most of whom originate from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is my number one traffic tool, and here are 7 ways that you too can use LinkedIn to zero in on your target market and bring the right [...]

Build a Profitable Facebook Network in Minutes a Day

Facebook is a great place to find prospects for your business. It’s free, it’s easy, and it can deliver great results if you know how to use it. Here’s how to use it, and use it effectively.

Carey Azzara: Top 10 Linkedin Profile Tips

Facebook: How To Quickly Find Your Best Prospects

There are a lot of ways to grow your friends list on Facebook, but this is the best way to find the “right kind” of friends (i.e. potential customers) and see if they have a need for what you offer, and do it without offending them, annoying them, or turning them off. In fact, you’ll [...]

Getting Massive Traffic through LinkedIn Discussions

What are the strategies to getting massive traffic from LinkedIn discussion groups? Want to see how I have personally driven over 10,000 visitors a month to my website from LinkedIn discussion groups? In a nutshell I do it by making the group owners happy, and creating a great environment for LI members to work in. [...]

How to Build Your Twitter Followers List

The first step to successful Twitter marketing is knowing how to attract a lot of followers. Here are the top tips to building a huge followers list: Learn more about automating Twitter here (affiliate link–see my warning on the left). I spent several months and many hours finding a Twitter application I was comfortable promoting. [...]

How to do quick due-diligence on any business online

Are you doing business with a big fish or a big talker? Are you competing against a Goliath or a gnat? How do you know if you can you trust somebody with your money? The internet makes it possible for mediocre businesses to look exceptional, scammers to look real, and fakers to look like movers [...]

How to Launch a Successful Social Marketing Group

The beauty of Facebook and LinkedIn is that there are methods for finding and building a relationship with potential clients on a couple of different levels.

How to Profit on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to find prospects for your business. It’s free, it’s easy, and it can deliver great results if you know how to use it. But it can also be a huge waste of time. “I don’t have time to figure this stuff out!” Of course you don’t. None of us, as [...]

How to select all your Facebook friends at once

Here’s a handy little trick that will save your click muscles… Sometimes you want to invite all your Facebook friends to attend an event, join a group, or “like” a business page. Often this event, group, or page is yours. Traditionally, when you want to invite your friends to something like this, Facebook pulls up [...]

How to syndicate your content for maximum exposure

Syndication is the act of creating content once and then having it automatically broadcast all over the place. The whole idea is that you want to get maximum exposure for the least amount of work. Newspapers do this with popular columnists and comic strips, radio does this with well known radio programs and personalities, and [...]

How to use Facebook (or LinkedIn) to fine-tune your sales process

Social networking sites are not only a great way to drum up new business, but they’re a great way to find out how to get more people to buy what you offer. Watch how you can use Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sites to zero in on your target market’s needs. How it works If [...]

LinkedIn and Facebook: Converting Connections into Clients (example 2)

How do you take somebody that you just met online and make a great impression on them, such that when they’re ready to purchase what you offer they’ll come to you? Taken from a recent webinar, this is a great example of how to put your best foot forward and impress your prospects that you [...]

LinkedIn and Facebook: Converting Connections into Clients (example)

How do you take somebody that you just met online and figure out, without coming across as pushy or “salesy”, if they’re ready to purchase what you offer? Taken from a recent webinar, this is an example of how to convert your contacts on LinkedIn into clients (an example from my business). One thing to [...]

LinkedIn: How to expand your network effectively (and quickly)

Is bigger really better? When it comes to the size of your LinkedIn network, there are many reasons to want to connect with as many people as possible. Having more connections puts you in touch with a greater variety of skilled professionals, gives you access to more information, and having 500+ connections just plain looks [...]

Michael Yublosky: LinkedIn–Be The Hunted (not the hunter)

LinkedIn coach Michael Yublosky teaches us how to get our prospects to hunt us on LinkedIn instead of us hunting them. He uses my profile as an example, and I score a 38/100 on the “making myself huntable” scale. I obviously have some work to do, and you’re welcome to watch below and compare your [...]

Posting on Social Sites–the complete walk-through

This is a step-by-step, drop-dead simple walk through of how I’ve driven tens of thousands of visitors to my website created specifically for beginning bloggers and business owners who want traffic and leads today. Experienced bloggers who want to give their existing blogs posts more exposure while generating more traffic will also benefit. I use [...]

Social Marketing Basics: How to Cash In on Web 2.0 and Social Marketing

Let’s talk about web 2.0, and how to be the life of the social media party (and how to not be “that one guy” that everyone at the party avoids).

“Daddy, where do leads come from?” The birds and the bees of building your business through LinkedIn

Excellent question, my child. You’re old enough now that it’s time you knew the truth about where LinkedIn leads come from. The other kids on the playground claim they know how to generate traffic using social media, but most of them have very little experience and are just telling you what other people have told [...]

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