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Jarom Adair

"Online Advertising" Tutorials

1) Online Advertising Intro

The fastest way to generate traffic is to buy it. While most of the traffic generating strategies I’ll teach you cost little to no money, it’s often best to spend some money to bring in some quick visitors while you’re creating and testing your site.

3) Online Advertising Basics: Instant Traffic with Online Advertising

We’re going to take a quick look at online advertising, including the basics of tackling the 800 pound gorilla of web marketing…

4) The Foundation for Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

There are many things I could tell you about successful pay-per-click campaigns, but this one thing will be much more helpful for you in the beginning than anything else.

A List of Free and Paid Classified Ad Sites

If you’re looking for places to place information about your business, hire employees, sell products, or attract site visitors, here is a list of classified ad sites I’ve amassed over the last couple years.

How to Find Out Where Your Competition is Advertising

Here are a couple of tricks to find out where your competition is advertising and what sites are sending them traffic. If you know where they are getting their traffic from, you can place your site in the same places and hijack some of their traffic. If a couple of your competitors are using the [...]

How to Get the Prospect First (business example)

Want to know how to find new customers before your competition even knows they exist? Here’s how it works:

How to Know which Marketing Campaigns are the Most Effective

What if you’re advertising online in several places at once? If you get more traffic and sales, how do you know which form of advertising is bringing the people in and which ones are not working? Not only that, but which ads are bringing visitors that are actually buying?

Key Words Basics: What Are They and What Do You Do with Them?

You’ll hear the term “keywords” used a lot on this site. If you don’t understand the meaning then you could spend a lot of time feeling like you’ve missed something important. Because your keywords are the basis of everything you’ll do online. This part is worth repeating: Your keywords are the basis of everything you’ll [...]

What Keywords are your Competitors Using?

You could sit down and brainstorm key words about your business, but why start from scratch? Why not start by seeing what key words your competition is using? If a number of your competitors are using certain key words, it’s likely because they’re getting results with them. Here are a few ways to find out [...]

Why is the Internet so hard on Small Businesses today?

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