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Jarom Adair

"Multimedia Marketing" Tutorials

1) Multimedia Marketing Intro

The number of people watching videos, listening to audio, and participating in webinars and other interactive activities online has skyrocketed in recent years. I’m talking about video marketing, podcasts, webinars, and the many things you can do on and off your web site to educate, attract, and land new customers. Let’s get ourselves in front [...]

2) Multimedia Marketing Basics: How to Create Effective Videos that Bring Big Traffic

This video will show you how to give your videos and other marketing materials the punch they need to stand out and gather a loyal following of viewers and customers.

3) How to Make A Video On Any Budget

Here are several different ways you can create a video for you business. These ideas will run the whole gamut–from creating professional quality work (more expensive) to making video that looks like something out of “Creature from the Black Lagoon” (very inexpensive).

4 Things that Will Dramatically Improve Your Videos

While the most important part of your video is the content you provide, the more professional your video is the better response you’ll get from it. Here are a few inexpensive things that will dramatically improve the look and overall impression of your video.

Effective Multimedia Marketing

Ever have a potential customer make a decision to not purchase from you before they got all the necessary information? You’ve said to yourself “If they’d just stick around long enough to understand everything I have to offer, then they’d love it!!” The answer to this situation may be the fact that nothing captivates an [...]

Effective use of Audio

There are several ways audio can be used to increase the effectiveness of your web site as well as bring you more traffic.

Four Reasons to Love Webinars

Webinars solve all sorts of problems. Since you will have people from all over the globe visiting your site, if you cater to long-distance customers webinars are one way to effectively communicate with them.

Video on Your Site

Using videos to bring people to your web site is great (i.e. placing videos on YouTube to bring traffic), but using video ON your web site to get your message across can be much more effective than text alone.

When to Create Your Multimedia Masterpiece

Information in the form of video and audio is more intriguing and holds attention longer than plain old fashioned text, and I think every web site should use multimedia, but don’t go creating it until you consider one thing…

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