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"Marketing Tips" Tutorials

My Top 10 Pickup Lines (and how to make a good first impression on your site visitors)

“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” Pickup lines are an attempt (sometimes a very lame one) at making a strong impression on somebody when you have a hit and miss chance of getting their attention. Having somebody visit your website is similar. Here are my top 10 [...]

“Email marketing is dying” says prominent guru. Here’s what you should do instead…

“Look at that–it’s an email from Mike Filsaime” I said to myself while perusing my inbox yesterday. “I haven’t heard from him in a while. I wonder what he’s selling?” Mike Filsaime is one of the top internet marketers of all time, and he had a grim message. “Email marketing is dying.” he proclaimed. We [...]

“The 3 Pillars of Solopreneur Success” webinar with Jarom Adair (Danny Iny)

You’ll discover top strategies like: – How to get referrals from your audience AND clients (make everybody you come in contact with want to share you with others) – How to easily set up killer joint ventures (get others with larger audiences to happily promote you) – How to squeeze the maximum results out of [...]

1) Internet Marketing: What to Expect

The information on this web site will set you free. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, the internet has evolved to make it possible.

3 blunders I made last year and how to not mess things up with your audience

We all make mistakes, but you don’t have to make these… Last year I did some things that I’m not proud of. I fell in with the wrong crowd for a while, and tried a few things out that are bad for any solopreneur or small business to do. I sincerely feel bad, and I [...]

3/10/30 Rule Example

Here’s an example, from one of my web sites, of the 3/10/30 Rule in action…

5 absolutely critical strategies that are the core components of every successful Solopreneur

We’re all short on time. Many of us are short on money. So which marketing strategies are both time and money friendly and bring results? These 5 marketing strategies bring traffic and sales, but in addition they all accomplish several other things at the same time. It’s like your marketing is multi-tasking. When you’re running [...]

5 tips for lower bounce rates and more subscribers

Fellow bloggers, we have a major problem: The “hope people decide to join your email list because you write really good blog posts” method of gaining subscribers isn’t working. If you’re like most bloggers, maybe 3% of your visitors are actually joining your email list. A whopping 97% aren’t. What in the world is going [...]

5 tips to a lot more productivity

This information comes straight from Dr. Josie Levine, a Solopreneur and expert in helping people stay productive by working on themselves while they work by themselves. Don’t just read the headlines–there are some great ideas in the text below. Here’s what the good doctor has to say… A typical scenario for Solopreneurs often entails sitting [...]

8 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Here is an excellent video titled “8 To Be Great” by Richard St. John about the eight traits of successful entrepreneurs. It’s a short video, but very impactful. How do you rank on these 8 traits? What I hope you take away from this: Because I live in the internet marketing world, where everything is [...]

9 Persuasion Secrets from an Over-Opinionated 4 Year Old

Ever feel like you’ve got the persuasion skills of a banana slug? Even after countless hours providing your most valuable insights and ideas for free–just to build up a little good will–the moment you ask people to do anything… …there’s nothing. Crickets chirping. No comments. No sales. No money. Getting somebody to join the email [...]

a funny story about a guy who obviously cares more about money than his customers

(there is a moral to this story too, of course) I joined a membership site where I paid a fee each month for SEO tutorials written by a somewhat well known internet marketer. It was good information but after seven or eight months I canceled my account. Three months later I discovered he was still [...]

A rip off or a bargain? 3 Questions to ask yourself when buying guru products

“Have you seen this? Do you think it’s worth a try?” I get this question at least a couple times a month or whenever an internet marketing guru launches a new super-nifty info product. Of course it sounds amazing. That’s their job… “I’ll show you exactly how I got 100,000 subscribers and made $187,459.38 in [...]

A two-minute crash course in customer mind reading

How nice would it be to know exactly what your target market wants from you? …to really get in their heads and understand what they’re thinking when they’re considering buying from you? …to describe your offer in such a way that your prospect exclaims “These guys seem to know exactly what I’m thinking! They seem [...]

An anti-intuitive method of increasing sales

Typically you want to make the sales process as easy as possible, right? The less complicated it is to buy something, the more orders you get. That’s usually a good rule of thumb, but what if your offer is just not selling? My 4-year old has the answer for you… At my house our collection [...]

Case Study: Building A Website Marketing Game Plan

Want to make more money in business? Here’s how it works: Make more money by selling more of your product or service. This is achieved by… being the top business that a person thinks of when they’re ready to buy what you offer. You can be “top of mind” with people through… keeping touch with [...]

Case Study: how to use hidden “event triggers” for immediate sales

As you might imagine, the #1 problem every Solopreneur comes to me with is that they’re not selling enough of their product/service. If you and I were to talk and your goal was to sell more of what you offer, the first thing we’ll do is make sure there’s nothing questionable with what you’re offering. [...]

Case Study: how to use the “touch method” to get more leads

No matter what kind of business you run, there are points where you regularly come in contact with your prospects and clients. By identifying and making the most of these “touch points”, you can get more testimonials, more referrals and more repeat business. Today’s case study is an example of using the “touch method” to [...]

Checklist for writing effective articles

When you want to make sure you’re not missing an important part of your article, it’s nice to have a checklist to refer to. Here is mine (with a video going into more detail): Checklist: the situation: describe what they’re experiencing right now, the pain of the problem the vision: what they would like to [...]

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Nobody joining your email list? People not buying from you? Maybe you’re not supplying the proper motivation. Motivation is a very interesting topic. What makes people click on a link? Fill out a form? Purchase from you online? Promote your product and share it with others? I found a video that is not only fun [...]

Free Stuff for Business Owners

Here is a collection of free software, services, and anything else I run across that would be useful to business owners (and did I mention it’s all free?) This list is worth thousands of dollars (hint: that means you want to renew your subscription to this web site at least this month, next month, and [...]

Handy little script for keeping your site copyright up to date

If your site says “copyright 2008″ on it, people might wonder if you’re still in business. Here’s a little tip if you’re tired of manually updating the “copyright 20XX” at the bottom of your site at the beginning of each new year: just swap “20XX” with the following code: <script> var mydate=new Date() var year=mydate.getYear() [...]

How to “Inoculate” Your Prospects Against Your Competition

Have you ever said to yourself “When I’m ready to buy, I’m definitely going to buy it through XYZ business”? There are a lot of reasons you you might have come to that conclusion, but if you’d like to create that same resolve in your prospects so they buy from you and not your competition, [...]

How to do quick due-diligence on any business online

Are you doing business with a big fish or a big talker? Are you competing against a Goliath or a gnat? How do you know if you can you trust somebody with your money? The internet makes it possible for mediocre businesses to look exceptional, scammers to look real, and fakers to look like movers [...]

How to get them clicking and buying

In this call… You may have heard that you have to “sell benefits, not features”. But you can do better than that. On this member’s only call we went beyond the benefits and explore the motivations and emotions behind why your customers would buy what you offer, so that your message goes deeper, inspires, and [...]

How to get your logo up on that tab in your browser (favicon)

Just a quick tip people ask me about from time to time-when you see a little logo up next to the url bar on your browser (the logo of the site you’re visiting) or in your open tabs, that’s called a “favicon” (short for “favorites icon”). To create one of your own for your site [...]

How to Give a Little to Receive A Lot

If someone, after spending just a few seconds on your site, has an “ah-ha!” moment (where they learn something so interesting or useful that it really gets their attention) that makes them want to stay on your site longer to see what else they can find. They suddenly see you as a resource and their [...]

How to Inspire Your Site Visitors to Action

This is an excellent video that changed my marketing in a fundamental way. We, as small business owners, need to find a way to stand out from among our competitors. We need to move our prospects and site visitors to action and help them choose to do business with us. But that’s hard to do [...]

How to syndicate your content for maximum exposure

Syndication is the act of creating content once and then having it automatically broadcast all over the place. The whole idea is that you want to get maximum exposure for the least amount of work. Newspapers do this with popular columnists and comic strips, radio does this with well known radio programs and personalities, and [...]

How to use a “Referral Kit” to generate great leads

In this short interview, business referral expert Steve Gordon talks about the 4 barriers to getting more referrals and finding an effective way to ask for referrals from your audience and customers. Here are some of the major points: The barriers of getting referrals In the first half of the interview, Steve have a good [...]

Lesson #1 in Doing Business on the Internet

Here’s the first thing you need to understand about Internet Marketing as it applies to business: Technology is here to do one thing for us–to automate the repetitious tasks a computer can do so we as business owners can do more of what we do best. When you truly put this to use you’ll be [...]

Local Search Resources

Thank you to David Vogel for posting this on the IMFBO Member’s Forum recently (if you aren’t on the forum yet, join it here). “This is a list of blogs and resources that I found on (and if you don’t know about this one…you might want to check it out. It’s a social site [...]

Make more money by having your website do the dirty work

If you do things right, a web site can do all the dirty work for you and your business. Your website can do all the telling, selling, explaining, and demonstrating for you. And what’s left over for you to do at that point? Why, exactly what you want to be doing of course… Building a [...]

Marketing trend: your professionalism may very well be hurting your business…

Steve Washer may be an expert in video marketing, but I really enjoyed his insights below on the way you present your business in any marketing format. I thought this was worth sharing with you. He writes… You’re a professional, right? So you want to project a persona of professionalism, don’t you? Well, not so [...]

Sculpting your area of expertise

When it comes to presenting yourself to people you would like to sell to, first impressions are everything. This tutorial is not about picking an industry to work in, but about sculpting how you represent yourself to your target market. If you choose your area of expertise correctly, your prospect will see you as a [...]

Simple tip for getting a lot of stuff done

Here is a very simple method I follow to use my time very effectively. It’s a very simple technique–nothing fancy–but it helps me focus and get more done in a single day that I used to get done in a week. It’s not that I didn’t get stuff done before–it’s that I filled my day [...]

The 5 seconds that will make or break your business

“Over 70% of the people who come to my site just leave again!” cried Larry at a recent gathering of business owners. “7 out of 10 people just show up and then leave without doing anything!” It’s called a “bounce rate”, and it’s like you’ve just produced a full-length blockbuster movie, but then you watch [...]

The Law of All Successful Ads, Emails, Articles, and Web Sites

There’s one rule to follow whenever you create any kind of advertisement or marketing campaign. Ignore it at your peril or use it to your unfair advantage. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is the 3/10/30 Rule…

The power of telling stories

Of all the persuasion techniques that are meant to: – get people to like and trust you – get prospects to take action – and sell a lot of stuff …nothing is quite as effective at accomplishing these (often all at the same time) as simply telling a story. Samples of effective stories Below I’ve [...]

The Roadmap

Too much email spam? Here’s what to do…

Tired of having to abandon your email address because the spammers have taken over? Well, now you’ve got a new option. This isn’t some kind of spam software or product–this is my own home-brewed method of zapping the spammers before they get to my inbox. Do this and you’ll never have to change email addresses [...]

What are the top 2 things you do to market your business each day?

There are so many different things you could do each day that it’s hard to narrow down what you should do. So what are the top 2 things you do to market your business each day? This question was posed by one of our LinkedIn group members, and many of the answers were very insightful. [...]

Why you’re only getting 1/3 of the email subscribers you should be

Have you ever wondered why nobody is joining your email list? Why you get such a lousy signup rate on your blog? After all the work you’ve put into your blog, spending hours writing each post and sharing your best ideas, the response from your visitors is terrible (around a 3% signup rate for most [...]

Writing blog posts and sales pages that get results (Part 1)

You know that feeling you get when you’ve put hours of work into writing a blog post, article, or sales page, and then you spend even more time getting traffic to it…and nothing happens? No comments, no sign ups, no sales, nothing. After the third iteration of your sales page or your 10th blog post [...]

Your “Unique Selling Proposition”: Setting Yourself Apart

In this call… Discovering, developing, and communicating your Unique Selling Proposition: This is an excerpt from a call that focused on finding and bringing unique solutions to your market and thus setting yourself apart from the competition. A good USP will bring you new customers and help keep current customers from leaving. Notes: To fully [...]

[Case Study] How to land more customers with a simple pdf

After the last case study, several people wrote in asking for more examples about effective marketing funnels as well as strategies that people with a new business could use to win customers. Hopefully this will cover both. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “People buy from people they know, like, and trust.” So how do you [...]

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