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Jarom Adair

"Funded Proposals" Tutorials

1) Funded Proposals Intro

Never heard of a Funded Proposal? For a lot of internet marketing gurus, describing the funded proposal concept is their big secret at the end of their presentation you pay money for. On this web site the description is the first thing we’ll talk about, because there is a lot more to a good funded [...]

3) 4 Ways to Create a Funded Proposal

There are four tried and true methods to creating a quality funded proposal. Depending on your available time, ability, and resources, one of these methods will work out best for you:

4) Funded Proposal Tips from the Trenches

Here are a list of insights to help you create a killer funded proposal–how to beef it up, polish it up, price it, make it sell, and get people coming back for more. Keep these things in mind whenever you set out to write a quality special report or funded proposal:

How to Create PDF’s for Free

If you’re going to be distributing information in the form of white papers, special reports, ebooks, or any form of text, you’re going to want to distribute them in PDF form. Here’s how to make as many PDF’s as you want for free…

How to get Raving Testimonials for Whatever You’re Offering

Testimonials are one of the key ingredients to successfully launching and selling any service or product. That being the case, you can’t just wait around for happy customers to send you glowing reports of how wonderful you are. You have to be proactive about collecting them, especially in the beginning. Here are some ways to [...]

How to Unleash a Marketing Torrent through Funded Proposals

Never heard of a Funded Proposal? A funded proposal is where you create a item that sells so well on your web site that it pays for your marketing expenses. By creating simple “How To” ebooks or other online courses (electronic media is inexpensive to create and distribute) to sell on your web site, you [...]

What To Do When Your Funded Proposal Doesn’t Sell

When you’re first getting started in business it can take a while to pick up traction, and you’ll find out quickly that if you’re marketing your funded proposal to a list of 200 people and only 3 of them bought it you’re not going to move many people into your marketing pipeline at that rate.

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