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Jarom Adair

"Email Lists" Tutorials

*Email Marketing Tips and Strategies (full teleconference call)

In this call… What’s working right now when it comes to BUILDING A PROFITABLE EMAIL LIST? I held a conference call on the best ways to use your email list to boost business, and here is the recording. In this recording you’ll learn how to: how to increase signup rates automate your email list increase [...]

1) Email Lists Intro

Unless you don’t want to establish a relationship with your site visitors (and there are some situations where you wouldn’t), email marketing is considered the top way to keep in touch with, build trust with, and sell to your target market.

2) Email Lists Basics: Email Marketing that Pays

This is not your grandma’s email list. Here’s an inside look at what you can accomplish with an email list on steroids.

3 Tips to Get People to Open Your Emails

19.51%. That’s pretty bad… That’s the average email open rate across a variety of industries according to MailChimp. That means only 2 out of 10 emails get opened that businesses send out. 8 out of 10 get completely ignored. That’s terrible! While email open rates have always been on the lower side, even if you’re [...]

8 Top Tips on How to Not Get Marked as Spam

What’s the point of going through the trouble of getting a new subscriber to your email list if they just end up marking you as spam? Your subscribers can be a little touchy, and even trigger-happy, when it comes to the spam button. And the problem isn’t just that you lose a subscriber when somebody [...]

A simple tip to increase your email signup rate

Are you trying to build an email list by writing articles on your blog? How is that working out for you so far? Chances are you’re getting a 3%~5% signup rate. That’s just plain awful, considering how much time you put into writing blog posts. Especially considering that even a cruddy squeeze page will get [...]

Case Study: Double Opt-in vs. Single Opt-in Email Signups–which is better?

When it comes to building an email list, should you make your visitors “double opt-in” or “single opt-in? Double opt-in is when you make your new subscriber go to their inbox, open a confirmation email, and click on a link to confirm they want to be on your list. Single opt-in is where a new [...]

Emails: What Do I Write About (and Where Do I Find the Time to Write Them)?

The first concern most people have when it comes to email marketing is: “What do I write about in the emails I send out?” Don’t worry. After reading this, you will never want for topics to write about again. In fact, if you follow what I talk about here, you’ll quickly run into the second [...]

How To Keep Them Coming Back For More

Bringing people back to your web site repeatedly establishes your name in your visitor’s minds, builds trust, and improves your site’s rankings. Here’s a combination of strategies to get more repeat traffic to your web site.

Internet Marketing Spammers in Hell

If you’re trying to learn internet marketing, you’ve probably signed up for many email lists and you’re likely dealing with an inbox overflowing with emails from internet marketers. I’ve had to deal with that too, and here’s how you can cut through all the garbage so only informative, useful emails occupy your inbox. The Symptoms [...]

RSS Feed advanced strategies

RSS feeds have many uses, but here are some strategies to using them to build your email list, increase trust with your target market, and become an expert in any area you choose. This is an excerpt from a coaching call, so you’ll be joining in midway through a conversation. And do jump on the [...]

Starting a Profitable Email List

People will buy from you when they’re ready to buy, not when you’re ready to sell. That being the case, you want to keep in touch with your prospects on a regular basis. Very few things compare to the ease and cost effectiveness of email marketing when it comes to keeping in touch with people. [...]

The “Daily Crux” method for Email List Building

This is a relatively simple method for building an email list that doesn’t require you create any content or products. It’s pretty effective and time efficient too. I first noticed it being used by a website called “The Daily Crux” (hence the name of the tutorial), and while you watch this please understand that I [...]

Too much email spam? Here’s what to do…

Tired of having to abandon your email address because the spammers have taken over? Well, now you’ve got a new option. This isn’t some kind of spam software or product–this is my own home-brewed method of zapping the spammers before they get to my inbox. Do this and you’ll never have to change email addresses [...]

Top 10 things “The World’s Spammiest Email” can teach you about avoiding the spam filters

I have created The World’s Spammiest Email! My spammy email got a 15.9 on Spam Assassin’s spam-o-meter (anything over 5 is bad). It’s got everything from ALL CAPS to large graphics to blacklisted sites. Some of the spam no-no’s are obvious, but some are not-so-obvious… So if you want to get your emails delivered, the [...]

What Info Should I Ask For?

After creating quite a few email lists I’ve found there are certain things you want to ask from your visitors and certain ways you want to ask them that will make it much more likely that they’ll fill out your form:

Where, when, and how often? Common email questions…

Once you get into email marketing you’ll find yourself asking all sorts of good questions you wouldn’t have thought to ask before. How often should I send out emails to my list? How many follow-up emails should I write? Is there a best time of the day to send out my emails? Is there a [...]

Why you’re only getting 1/3 of the email subscribers you should be

Have you ever wondered why nobody is joining your email list? Why you get such a lousy signup rate on your blog? After all the work you’ve put into your blog, spending hours writing each post and sharing your best ideas, the response from your visitors is terrible (around a 3% signup rate for most [...]

Why is the Internet so hard on Small Businesses today?

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