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"Blogs" Tutorials

*Blogging Tips and Strategies (WWRN call)

In this call… What’s working right now when it comes to BUILDING A PROFITABLE BLOG? I held a conference call on the best ways to use your blog to boost business, and here is the recording. In this recording you’ll learn how to: * how to use your blog to generate a lot of free [...]

1) Blogs Intro

First and foremost, what is a blog? In case you don’t know for sure what a blog is, it’s a couple of things all rolled into one:

5 essential plugins your WordPress site needs

10-second Top Tip from this article: You want to make sure you have plugins that touch on these five important areas: 1) Backing up your WordPress site 2) Keeping track of your site statistics 3) Making your site load faster 4) Finding broken links 5) Increasing site security The full article Of the thousands of [...]

A simple tip to increase your email signup rate

Are you trying to build an email list by writing articles on your blog? How is that working out for you so far? Chances are you’re getting a 3%~5% signup rate. That’s just plain awful, considering how much time you put into writing blog posts. Especially considering that even a cruddy squeeze page will get [...]

Behind the Scenes: Choosing and Setting Up a Blog

“Blogging” is more than just an unpleasant sounding word. It represents a new era of the internet where you can easily communicate with your site visitors, get their feedback, and gain an online following.

Blogging Fundamentals with Karen and Scott Teeters

Blogging: ignore it at your own risk… For almost every business type and size, blogging is the backbone for successful online activity. Blogs are search engine magnets, integrate well with social media, and are relatively easy to maintain and update. What’s not to love? In this two-part tutorial, professional bloggers Karen and Scott Teeters walk [...]

Blogs that Build Businesses

By now you’ve heard that a blog is essential for any business to thrive online. But if you’re like most business owners, so far all your blog has done is demand you stop what you’re doing and sacrifice your time and energy to it like an evil pagan god.     What’s the big deal [...]

Blogs: Business Asset or Evil Pagan God?

“Kneel before me!” cackles your blog like an evil pagan god. “You will sacrifice 3 afternoons a week to feed my insatiable need for new content!” Your blog incessantly demands your time and attention, threatening to go stale and look neglected if you don’t continually write for it. So you spend hours pouring your heart [...]

Creating a Site Using WordPress

WordPress offers a great option for creating a web site that is manageable, professional looking, and inexpensive to build. But if you’ve never created a site using WordPress before, it can take a lot of time to figure out just what WordPress has provided you with. If you know what to expect, you can get [...]

How to Ask for Backlinks

So you’ve identified a web site that you’d like to get a backlink from so you can get some extra traffic and a boost in your search engine rank. That’s great, but what do you do now?

How to Be an Expert, Even if You’re Just Getting Started

If you’re a beginner, you might ask “What if I’m not an expert? How do I come up with useful information on something that I’m just getting started at myself?”

How To Keep Them Coming Back For More

Bringing people back to your web site repeatedly establishes your name in your visitor’s minds, builds trust, and improves your site’s rankings. Here’s a combination of strategies to get more repeat traffic to your web site.

How to Make Money with Your Blog

As long as you have a blog up and running, you might as well make another stream of income with it… If you have people coming to your blog on a regular basis, you could make a pretty penny with the following: Ad placement Placing other people’s ads on your site has it’s pros and [...]

How to Work with Other Blog Owners

A great place to submit articles are on other people’s blogs. You’re more than welcome to team up with other blog owners because, if done correctly, both sides benefit. Here’s how to find them, evaluate them, and approach them…

Posting on Social Sites–the complete walk-through

This is a step-by-step, drop-dead simple walk through of how I’ve driven tens of thousands of visitors to my website created specifically for beginning bloggers and business owners who want traffic and leads today. Experienced bloggers who want to give their existing blogs posts more exposure while generating more traffic will also benefit. I use [...]

RSS Feed advanced strategies

RSS feeds have many uses, but here are some strategies to using them to build your email list, increase trust with your target market, and become an expert in any area you choose. This is an excerpt from a coaching call, so you’ll be joining in midway through a conversation. And do jump on the [...]

The “Daily Crux” method for Email List Building

This is a relatively simple method for building an email list that doesn’t require you create any content or products. It’s pretty effective and time efficient too. I first noticed it being used by a website called “The Daily Crux” (hence the name of the tutorial), and while you watch this please understand that I [...]

Writing blog posts and sales pages that get results (Part 1)

You know that feeling you get when you’ve put hours of work into writing a blog post, article, or sales page, and then you spend even more time getting traffic to it…and nothing happens? No comments, no sign ups, no sales, nothing. After the third iteration of your sales page or your 10th blog post [...]

Why is the Internet so hard on Small Businesses today?

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