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"Article Marketing" Tutorials

1) Article Marketing Intro

If you have useful information to share with your target market, one of the fastest ways to get your name in front of them is through effective article marketing.

3) How to Get Your Articles Read

The title of your article is arguably the most important part of your article. If you title doesn’t get people clicking to read what you’ve written, then it doesn’t matter how good the article is–nobody will read it. Here’s how to get people clicking:

Article Marketing Sites for Any Occasion

There are many places where you can post your articles and pull in all sorts of good traffic and give your site a search engine rank boost. The first place to submit articles is on this list of the most popular article submission sites on the internet.

Article Marketing Sites for Specific Topics

How do you find web sites you can contribute articles to on specific topics? If you have a lot to say about real estate, network marketing, buying insurance, fixing cars, cleaning carpets, or collecting worm castings, let’s find some sites you can contribute to (and profit from) that are dedicated to that subject.

Checklist for writing effective articles

When you want to make sure you’re not missing an important part of your article, it’s nice to have a checklist to refer to. Here is mine (with a video going into more detail): Checklist: the situation: describe what they’re experiencing right now, the pain of the problem the vision: what they would like to [...]

How to Ask for Backlinks

So you’ve identified a web site that you’d like to get a backlink from so you can get some extra traffic and a boost in your search engine rank. That’s great, but what do you do now?

How to Get Your Message to the Masses

What’s the point of working and slaving over a new blog post or article for several hours every week nobody sees it? It might as well not exist. In order to get the comments, traffic, and recognition you deserve, you’ve got to have a large audience of regular readers. If you don’t have this, then [...]

How to Judge Another Site’s Importance

There are a couple of ways you can get a quick feel for a web site and how important it is. If you want to compete in the search engines with a competitor, if you’re deciding whether to try and get backlinks from a particular site, or you want to get a feel for how [...]

How to Work with Other Blog Owners

A great place to submit articles are on other people’s blogs. You’re more than welcome to team up with other blog owners because, if done correctly, both sides benefit. Here’s how to find them, evaluate them, and approach them…

Massive Traffic with Article Marketing

What’s the secret to successful article marketing? What do the pros know that the rest of us don’t? Is it really worth the time and effort? If you market your articles the wrong way, article marketing is a big waste of time and won’t bring you the traffic you’re looking for. Luckily, we won’t be [...]

Quantity vs. Quality–How to Get the Most from Your Articles

The second part of successful article marketing is the article itself, but there’s a balance you need to be aware of to get the maximum benefit from each article. Because the debate rages over whether massive numbers of low-quality articles or fewer high-quality articles bring better results.

Writing blog posts and sales pages that get results (Part 1)

You know that feeling you get when you’ve put hours of work into writing a blog post, article, or sales page, and then you spend even more time getting traffic to it…and nothing happens? No comments, no sign ups, no sales, nothing. After the third iteration of your sales page or your 10th blog post [...]

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