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Jarom Adair

By Jarom Adair,
Head Solopreneur

Case Study: how to use hidden “event triggers” for immediate sales

As you might imagine, the #1 problem every Solopreneur comes to me with is that they’re not selling enough of their product/service.

If you and I were to talk and your goal was to sell more of what you offer, the first thing we’ll do is make sure there’s nothing questionable with what you’re offering.

For example, a couple weeks ago my son set up a roadside stand where he tried to sell cups of water he filled with a garden hose. It didn’t work so well.

Barring any major concerns with your offering, we’d then figure out if you’re selling to the right people.

In today’s case study we’ll talk about finding the right people to sell to based on something I’ve started calling “event triggers” (events in the lives of your prospects that make them very motivated to buy from you).

The Situation:

When we had our initial 1-on-1 call, Dr. Josie (a therapist/psychologist of 25 years) described how she coaches people to control type 2 diabetes without insulin. She has been insulin-free herself for many years, and as a behavior change specialist she has the experience and expertise to guide others through the process.

More than offering just information, Dr. Josie knows how to psychologically prepare people make the often difficult lifestyle changes necessary to succeed.

The problem for Dr. Josie is twofold:

#1) The diabetes industry is extremely competitive.

#2) Many people lack the motivation to change. Insulin injections are unpleasant, and they have long-term drawbacks, but they are a quick fix. Most diabetics have just gotten use to it.

A lot of Solopreneurs are in this situation–the competition is fierce, and the audience is complacent. That’s a lot to overcome, especially for a single individual trying to get the word out.

That being the case, what would you tell Dr. Josie to do?

The game plan we came up with:

Among the interesting solutions we came up with was one specifically about “event triggers”. This idea would not only help Dr. Josie side-step a lot of the competition, but also identify people who would be highly motivated to hire her as a coach.

You see, individuals in any market do not typically develop a high level of motivation internally–extreme motivation is usually triggered by an “event”.

For example, another member of mine was selling weight loss products to anybody who is overweight. While most overweight people want to lose weight, it often takes an external event to really get things going. A bride with an upcoming wedding, for example, is insanely motivated (by an event) to lose weight NOW.

Using Dr. Josie’s personal understanding of the events in the life of someone with type 2 diabetes, we started to identify “event triggers” that might make someone highly motivated to seek her assistance.

One such event that we identified was when someone’s doctor first tells them that they have diabetes (or that they are quickly developing it). When you face the prospect of a life of insulin shots for the first time, that’s a very sobering moment. Who wants to jab themselves in the stomach for the rest of their life?

Needle avoidance–that’s what you call powerful motivation! That person is going to be looking for alternatives!

And now Dr. Josie isn’t targeting the entire world of type 2 diabetics–she’s looking for people who just got the news that they’re diabetic and are motivated to avoid the unpleasantness that come with it! That’s a very specific audience with a much more specific message which lessens the competition tremendously.

What Dr. Josie should focus on next:

With a bead on her motivated audience, the next question we’ll be exploring on the Mastermind Calls is “what do people normally do after receiving the news that they are diabetic?”

Do they ask their doctor for advice? Do they search the internet for information? Do they talk with family and friends? All of the above?

Whatever they do, we’ll be looking for ways for Dr. Josie to insert herself in their path with a message that speaks directly to them: “Your doctor just told you you’ve got diabetes? Want to live a life without needles? You’ve come to the right place…”

How to adapt this to your business:

What events in your prospect’s lives would turn them from “moderately interested” to “extremely motivated”?

What group of people don’t just “want” what you offer–they “NEED” it, and they need it right now, because of some specific external event?

If you’re not sure, ask your current and past clients what prompted them to buy from you. You may identify an event that will help you find more people ready to buy.

If you can identify that event, next you’ll want to identify where people are likely to turn for help so you can be there with a message that will have a high impact on them. And there will be fewer competitors there.

Make sense?

“Event triggers” can help you find powerfully motivated people, develop a message that speaks to them, and lessen your competition all in one step.

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What I hope you got from this

“Targeting motivated prospects” is not a new concept, but I hope that using event triggers to help you identify them gave you an “ah-hah!” moment.

And if something did come to mind while reading this, I hope you act on it in the next couple days and find some largely overlooked yet highly motivated people to cater to!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the next tutorial!

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Yours in success,
-Jarom Adair

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