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Jarom Adair

By Jarom Adair,
Head Solopreneur

5 tips to a lot more productivity

This information comes straight from Dr. Josie Levine, a Solopreneur and expert in helping people stay productive by working on themselves while they work by themselves.

Don’t just read the headlines–there are some great ideas in the text below.

Here’s what the good doctor has to say…

A typical scenario for Solopreneurs often entails sitting hour after hour at your desk or computer.

Sound familiar?

If you’re going to remain productive in this scenario, and not suffer long-term negative effects, here are 5 important ways to keep yourself productive and healthy.

1. Move more

All bodies age. Sitting hour after hour, day after day, is being unkind to your body. It’s like caging up a young animal. Repetitive movements or physical positions eventually lead to distracting sensations.


Stand up, stretch, walk around for 5 out of every 60 minutes (use an alert system to remind you).

An effective stretch for the upper back and shoulders is interlacing your fingers then raising your arms over your head towards the ceiling. Straighten your arms as much as possible. Hold for 1-3 minutes, then rest. Repeat, with the palms facing upwards.

For lower backs, stand feet hip width apart. Bend at the waist and rest your hands on a desk or back of the chair so you’re at a 45′ angle. Keep your legs and back as straight as possible, as you stand at a right angle. Look down at the floor, not ahead so your neck isn’t crunched but in alignment with your spine.
Hold for 1-3 minutes.

If possible, get a treadmill with desk over it (such as TrekDesk). Put the speed on very low, just so you can walk slowly on it yet still work at the computer.

Find reasons to move by incorporating daily errands throughout the day, rather then all at the beginning or end. Not only will your body thank you, but solutions or insights often arise when not trying to think about something.

Make this the moment to join that local gym or sign up for the series of yoga classes.

No matter what your current physical condition is, there’s something you can do.

2. Take care of your sight

Long hours with relentless screen time is hard on you eyes. If your eyes are dry or itchy, or you struggle to focus, be sure to look up and into the distance every half hour or so. Your eyes need to have a variety of distances to focus on constantly. It helps keep them functioning and healthy.

3. Be mindful of what you eat

Food is primarily for energy. Poor food choices curtail its purpose.

If you need to snack, choose healthy snacks like nuts or fruit. Avoid chips or other sweet tidbits, especially if you’re not yet moving much, but sitting too long. You need to move a lot to burn them up.

A chocolate doughnut will take on average an hour and 10 minutes of power walking to burn off what took 3 minutes to eat!

4. Life work balance

This is important for how you feel overall about your life! If it gets out of balance for too long, negative feelings arise, burn out happens.

If you tend to over-focus, use an alert to remind you to take a break, stretch or pay attention to what you’re snacking on. If you are easily distracted, practice saying “not now” internally before moving onto another task while the first one isn’t completed.

5. Keep business hours

Even if it’s just you, your computer and you’re wearing bunny slippers at home, impose a structure on your day by keeping business hours.

This will help with overload, or finishing that last email at 2 a.m. when you should be sleeping.

With few exceptions, working round the clock, or at odd hours can offer flexibility, but over time, a pattern develops where your work takes up more and more real estate in your mind, pushing out family, friends, fun stuff and…health care needs!

Make your work work for you, not the other way around!

Dr. Josie Levine offers coaching for Solopreneurs choosing to be more productive by working on themselves, not just their work! Her specialty is helping those living with Type 2 diabetes be the healthiest they can be. Sound like someone you know?

Be kind, let them know you’re thinking of them by forwarding this on or visit Mindfully Managing Diabetes.

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